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Our Concept

​The goodness of silk to you.

As a sub-brand of Kiryu Seisen Shoji Co., Ltd,, SILKKI has started in 2020 to produce fashion products and commodities with clean lines and simple silhouettes with silk-based materials.


Kiryu has been originally a silk production area. It is said that the history started 1300 years ago. As one of the manufacturers in such a district, we have also been handling silk since our company was founded in 1950. However, due to the drop of demands for silk in recent years, almost all the silk-raising farmers and silk weaving mills have disappeared.


Despite of the trend, we continued producing textiles to share the value of silk. However, we have found that selling silk as materials are not easy, so we have decided to produce original products with silk and share its features and benefits.


SILKKI is a compound word of “SILK” and “KI” of “Kiryu”.

We would be grateful if you could enjoy the goodness of silk through our products.

We know silk is regarded as a material which is not easy to wash and expensive. However, silk is so durable that it has been used in daily life for a long time since ancient times.

Moreover, silk can be one of the most reliable materials when we think about healthcare. It is said there are three important factors to enhance immune system of our body, ‘moderate exercise’, ’adequate sleep’ and ‘keeping warm’, and silk is applicable for the third factor with excellent heat retention.

Now we would like to explain the features of silk, while introducing the activities of SILKKI in the following.


Our Design

To help enhancing your immune system comfortably.

A silk yarn consists of very thin fibers. There are so many tiny spaces between fibers, which retain heat inside. 

At SILKKI, we start from designing the weaving structure of the textile before designing cloths that fit the shapes of wearers, taking full advantage of the excellent heat retention of silk.

Hearing that silk warms up your body, you may wonder if you cannot wear silk in summer. However, silk is useful in summer as well. Silk absorb the sweat and release it quickly to keep you warm to some extent under the air conditioners. It also has bacteriostasis to prevent the generation of bacteria and absorb ultraviolet light.

You may also wonder why silk has such a lot of functions. It is because silk fiber is what silk worm produces to make a cocoon to save their own bodies from external environment. With such a power of nature, silk keeps balance of temperature and sweat in our body.

Consequently, such a funciton of silk allows us to provide seasonless items for you.


Our Textile

​Durable and comfortable silk textile.

At SILKKI, all the products are designed and woven at our mill.

We do not compromise on the usability and durability, because we want to create something that you can use without too much care in your daily life. 

We use special looms dedicated for weaving long-fiber textiles such as silk. Since they are too old, we cannot weave silk in high speed. However, thanks to the low speed we can produce soft and gentle texture in the silk.


Our Sustainability

Made in Kiryu.

Kiryu is a unique area that is blessed with good conditions for creating textile products. 

We can cover all the manufacturing processes for making garments by only factories in Kiryu alone -- such as yarn twisting, weaving, knitting, embroidery, finishing and tailoring. We cooperate with each other, to contribute to domestic and international fashion industry. 

Taking advantage of such a power, we will go through the whole processes in Kiryu to realize real ‘Made in Kiryu’.

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