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​Functions of silk

Originally, these functions are what silkworms have have acquired to protect themselves.

01 / In summer, silk release your sweat and heat to regulate your body temperature.

Silk is said to be a breathing fiber, and in the summer it excels in moisture release and allows sweat to escape to the outside, keeping the body temperature in an air-conditioning environment.


02 / In winter, silk retains heat retention despite of its light weight.

Silk protects you from coldness Prevents cold in winter. The fibers of silk are very thin, and by overlapping them, there is we can create a fine layer of air made up of a single thread. Therefore, even thin silk fabric can maintain show outstanding heat retention. It's a lightweight but very warm material, so it's useful not only for everyday wear but also for travel destinations.


03 / UV protection effect

The amino component contained in the silk cocoon absorbs and decomposes even the strong summer UV rays.


04 / Bacteriostatic and deodorant effect

As silk has a bacteriostatic effect that does not increase bacteria, it has a deodorant effect. Silk five-finger socks are highly recommended for those who are worried about the smell of their feet or have trouble with their soles.


05 / No strain on the skin

The amino component contained in silk is biocompatible because it is made up of 18 amino components that are almost the same as the human body. Taking advantage of its properties, it has been used not only as clothes but also as cosmetics in recent years.

Because it is an ingredient that is close to human skin, you will feel compatible with your own skin while being moisturized.

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