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To weave silk textile for your daily life.

Our silk textile woven at our mill in Kiryu.

With the loom for manufacturing which we have been together more than seventy years, we produce durable silk textile with the ease of use.

All woven textile are 100% silk inside the fabric.

It embraces you gently and cares for all time.


Silkki linen


48% silk

52% linen


100%silk inside.

silk linen outside.

Both silk and linen are suitable material for releasing sweat. In the summer, you can get rid of sweat and feel comfortable all day long. Under the air conditioning, the heat retention of silk is utilized to prevent our body from getting cold.

With shiny surface of silk linen makes you look relaxed and gorgeous at the same time.


Silkki stretch


88% silk

11% cotton

1% polyurethane


100%silk inside.

Lightness but firm thickness given by woven textile.

Stretched texture makes you feel easy at any time. It happens because we use stretch yarn covered with soft cotton fiber so that your skin feel comfortable. 


Silkki thermal


82% silk

17% cotton

1% polyurethane

Woven silk thermal with the good thickness and softness. It consists of 100% silk on the inside surface and also plenty of silk on the outside surface so it releases your sweat and heat in the cool place and keeps warm in the hot place. Hence it is useful not only in autumn and winter but also in spring.


Silkki denim


33% silk

67% recycled cotton

Textile with 100% silk inside with denim-looking. On the outside surface we only use recycled cotton yarn made in Nara prefecture which made of discarded fiber from cotton yarn manufacture in all over Japan. It's durable and soft with shiny surface and lightweight because of silk. It keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter with the kindness to your skin and earth.

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