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Silk pants with clean lines and easy silhouettes to feel comfortable  at work and on the day off.

It is designed for any shapes of Japanese women's body.

You can use it as pants or inner-wear. 

You can use it at any seasons. 

In summer, it absorb your sweat and release very quickly.

In winter, it helps you a lot to keep warm with the lightness. 


Loose shape for the hip. 

It is important not to tight women’s waist and hip too much. We use rubber and string inside the waist part so that you can adjust finely.


Slimmed-down leg

From calf to ankle, the shape is getting slimmed-down so that your leg looks beautiful not to too loose.

Also when you wear pants underneath of one-piece, the ankle looks slim.


You can wear more inside. 

Easy silhouette which has a space between your skin and fabric as much as possible to wear inside.


Feel easy to take up the hem

You can take up the hem easily and beautifully thanks to the edges designed vertically and horizontally. 


100% silk inside.

To take advantage of functions of silk, it’s designed to cover your skin with only silk. Silk release your heat and sweat quickly when it’s hot and keep warm when it’s cold. It’s great for sensitive skin.


You can use it for Hietori. 

Use it at any seasons. In summer, it could be one layer. You can enjoy to wear with one-piece dress. In winter you can wear as both outer wear and inner wear. It’s great opportunity for Hietori. (More info about Hietori is here.)


Special silk textile

Now we have two kinds of textile. One is silk linen with soft glow and lightness, the other is silk stretch with soft handle.



From a yarn to the garment, all the processes have been done in Kiryu. We are focusing on making more variation of silk textile for this pants because we are weaving specialists.


​Leggings and Socks

Leggins and Socks

For your daily care of blood circulation. Washable silk inner items.

Our legs are farthest parts from a heart, which means these are easy to get poor blood circulation.  Therefore it’s important to focus on keeping warm on your lower body so that your body will get stronger from inside.

Silk will help you to retain warm. It works not only for keeping warm and moisture but also releasing sweat.

All of our silk materials are washable so that you can use it easily in daily life.


Silk socks

Knitted with layered silk yarns with the air. Retaining your  body temperature and moisture at any time. Great for dry skin. Useful for your daytime and night-time. 


Silk toe socks

Covering your toe with silk has many functions. It retain warm firmly and release sweat and prevent from foot odor.  Best socks as inner wear. And essential item for Hietori!


SILKKI Leggings

100% washable silk leggings that are well knitted domestically. Light and soft, it stretches softly and gently wraps the skin. It is comfortable all year round as it keeps you warm in winter and also allows you to sweat in summer.




Give yourself the gift of good skincare with the power of silk protein. Products for sensitive skin giving moisture and UVcare. 

Silk protein consists of common eighteen kinds amino with human. So it doesn’t affect your skin stress. 

Originally, silk fiber is what silk worm produces to make a cocoon to save their own bodies from external environment. So as a natural power it absorbs and decomposes the UV, moisturizing your skin. 


UVmilk made from silk

Protect your skin from sunshine with silk’s natural amino power.

It moisturizes at the same time. Stress-free for any skin and you can take off with only hot water.



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