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Let’s enhance immune system with silk!

Do you know Hietori health tips?

’HIE’ means coldness and ’TORI’ means removing in Japanese. So 'Hietori' is the health method for getting rid of coldness in your body. It’s devised based on oriental medicine developed by Yoshiharu Shinto.

The material essential for Hietori is silk. Wearing silk on your lower body enhances your immune system.

Who needs Hietori?

The one who feels tired.

The one who is easy to have a cold.

The one who has terrible painful period.



Menstrual pain


Hieto is used for curing of "every symptoms" including headaches, backaches, lifestyle-related diseases, menstrual irregularities, uterine diseases, cancer, asthma, arthralgia, herpes zoster, rheumatism, depression, panic disorder, atopic dermatitis and other intractable diseases. 

How to do HIETORI


Warm yourself by soaking it in a bathtub.

(20-30 minutes half bath with hot water that is not too hot)

​It is also a good time to read a book.

If you don't have a bath at home it's fine to take a footbath!

​It's important to keep warm gradually little by little.


Put on silk five-finger socks before your warm body gets cold.

Five-finger socks wrap up to the gaps between your fingers, so keep your toes warm firmly.

Silk will keep warm but also quickly release your sweat! 


On top of that, layer silk socks or natural fiber socks.

It is recommended to layer slightly larger socks!

Make a layer of air between the socks. That's very important.


Wear silk leggings and leg warmers to protect the warmth of your body.

(It is recommended that you cover the leggings and socks with leg warmers so that you can warm them up without any gaps.)

​The more you get air between layers, the more you get warm!


Layer natural fiber leggings or trousers on top of it.

The important thing is to let air in between the cloths!

Be aware that you should wear it as loosely as possible.


If you wear the lower body, the upper body should be as cool as possible.

When it's hot, prefer to keep your upper body cool.

If you were a plant, the legs are roots, and the upper body is like breathing leaves.

Point ①:

Warm with silk

Silk not only has outstanding heat retention, but also has the function of letting sweat escape to the outside, which is very good for body temperature regulation.

In addition, it absorbs fats and water where it comes into direct contact with the skin, and it dries the skin appropriately and moisturizes it appropriately.

Covering bare skin with silk keeps our body temperature and moisture constant.

Point ②:

Warm the lower body

Since the legs are the furthest from the heart, blood circulation is inevitable. In particular, women have a uterus, which makes it easier to get cold because the organs are intricately intertwined.

Therefore, if you warm your lower body, you can naturally keep the temperature of the whole body constant and eliminate the cold.

It is recommended that the upper body should be as cool as possible if the lower body is warmed.

The bottom is layered and the top is not so layered!

If you warm it from the outside, you also warm it from the inside

・ Eat foods that warm your body (root vegetables and seasonal foods)

・ Do not overeat

・Exercise moderately

It will be more effective if you keep these three things in mind and heat your body from the inside. The body and mind are one and the same. When the circulation of blood in the body improves, the circulation of the mind also improves and the mind becomes more relaxed. You will become aware of the time to cherish yourself and reflect on yourself.

When you sleep

If you cool your lower body and keep your upper body clean and sleep, you will be able to wake up cleanly because your blood circulation is good even while you sleep.

Even if you peel off the blanket, Hietori will help you keep warm not to catch a cold.

In summer

These days in summer, when the temperature difference between the outside and the inside is large, it is difficult to control the body temperature.

Wearing socks as much as possible keeps the body temperature in the air-conditioning environment without over cooling.

When it's hot, just keep your upper body cooler!

​Don't overdo it when it's hot


● This is a health method recommended for everyone, but please try it from the one that seems to suit you without overdoing.

●If you can't do it because it's too hot, try cooling your upper body more cool.

● It is recommended that you wear shoes that are 1 to 1.5 cm larger than usual because you will be layering socks. If your legs are tight, the air will not enter to keep them warm and they will be tightened and the circulation of blood will deteriorate, which is the opposite effect.

● If your toes get cold even if it is cold, you may not have enough exercise. If you take a light exercise such as taking a walk in the cold state, your feet will feel warm.

Enjoy your Hietori!





​For more tips of HIETORI

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