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How to care SILKKI's item

Washing machine (for silk socks, innerwear)

Please wash with water at 20 ~ 30 ℃.

Be sure to put it on the net and wash it in the gentlest mode.

Please use a neutral detergent for fashionable clothes as it is weak against acid and alkali.

Hand wash (for Silkki pants)

Push the cloth with both hands or shake it in water. We do not recommend fir tree washing.

Drying method

Since silk wet with water is weak, dehydration should be done loosely or sandwiched between bath towels to remove water, just like fashionable clothes.

Let it air dry, being careful not to lose its shape.

Do not put it in the dryer.


Be sure to apply a patch and dry it at the lowest possible temperature.

Avoid steam low temperature iron as it will stain.

Avoid spraying as it will also stain.

Irons that shape the shape while hanging on a hanger are not suitable and are not recommended.

Note for silk's weakness

Sensitive to friction

We make silk items that are as durable as possible, but silk is basically very vulnerable to rubbing by nature. Therefore, when washing, we recommend hand-washing and non-rub care as much as possible.

Socks made of 100% silk are easy to make holes in the soles of the feet. There are individual differences, but if you use it every day for half a year to one year, a hole will open. Please understand this as a consumable item. (Of course, if you fix it, you can use it again! In that case, we recommend the darning.)

Turns yellow with ultraviolet rays

Silk is made of protein, so if it is exposed to UV light for a long time, it will turn yellow.

In order to prevent yellowing, it is necessary to wash with neutral detergent, do not apply insect repellent directly, and store it so that it is not exposed to sunlight or fluorescent light.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but with a little care, silk products will last longer.

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